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We’ve helped entrepreneurs solve the top two problems faced by every seller. The number one and most time-consuming problem with Amazon Business is finding new profitable ideas in product niches that are still possible to launch, rank within all of and Amazon FBA marketplace spaces – sometimes even against competitors’ products! We also believe this second biggest challenge for growing your own eCommerce store/brand quickly on Prime Day or Black Friday has little to do, nothing more than sourcing options when you win those bets… But not anymore, thanks

Product Savants, a pre-built brand in the box for experienced sellers and large corporations alike.

With Brand Genesis you’re handed over to Kevin King who will find those products with great potential on Amazon right now followed by Steve Simonson’s help finding an optimal solution – all without any hassle or struggle!

Product Savants is here to help you create a single, cohesive brand that can generate huge profit margins. With our $250k minimum annual contribution for your enterprise and 5 unique ASINs in one package–combined with an easy-to follow keyword strategy template!–you’ll be on the fast track towards success!

You know what they say about the power of leverage. The more times your brand is seen, the better chance it has at success and longevity in today’s cutthroat marketplace!

That’s why we offer Brand Genesis—a 20+ page detailed report including complete competitor analysis as well as a market overview with key insights into how consumers interact online (and off). 

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