Product Opportunity Review

This summary page is designed to help you see the most vital data points related to this specific Product Opportunity. Study it carefully and make your decision: Is the product is a ​GO or a NO GO based on the estimated data?






This summary page is designed to help you see the most vital data points related to this specific Product Opportunity. Study it carefully and make your decision: Is the product is a ​GO or a NO GO based on the estimated data?


Selling Price
Landed Cost
Trump Tariff
8,700 grams
Packaged Weight of Selling Unit
Small oversize
Amazon FBA Size Classification
Number of Launch Keywords
Search Volume of visible KWs
Top 10 Competitor Market Size
900 Units
Recommended Opening Order
Initial Inventory Investment
Average Reviews for Top 10 Competitors
Est Annual Gross Sales @rank 3-8 on top keywords
Units required to be sold Per Day to achieve contribution
Contribution Margin after COGS, TACOS & FBA on Gross Sales
Estimated ROIC* not including overhead, storage, royalty
Number of Relevant Keywords
Year Over Sales Trend
Best Selling Month during the year


Product Savants

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  • You are the decider, although we prepare our ideas and sourcing around a solid concept you make all the final decisions.
  • Relax, we include a 6 month launch horizon on all new products. We’re with you!
  • Think Long Term, our vision is to have YOU succeed and make lots of profit so that you’re happy to pay the royalties. :)
  • Action!, we hope to find action takers who can capture, enhance, and expand opportunities for our mutual gain.



*ROIC Details

Our return on investment estimate is based on the first year estimated contribution(after launch) divided by the initial inventory investment required.

This is an accrual method of accounting vs. a cash method. This simple, yet accurate, formula is most clear way to determine your potential return on invested capital.

This is not the same as operating margin, cash flow or other P&L level measurements which are based on short term variables or monthly operating margins. Sometimes these financial measurements are referred to as ROIC, but are in fact, more accurately a measurement of operating yields or margins based on the short term cash basis of the period of reporting.

The objective of ROIC is to determine the potential return on the investment, which is at risk, and if the potential reward for that risk based on an accrued basis over a specific set of time makes sense.

Please do not confuse operating margins, cash flow or other short term measurements with this ROIC estimate. We use the same type of formula that is used by S&P 500 investors who determine the value of their returns after a specific time period.

You are likely to have other costs and variables outside of our knowledge therefore you must be sure you know your own operating margins, cash flow and other financial measurements in both the short term and the long term.


The Consulting Agreement requires you to pay a flat fee upfront in exchange for market research on an exciting product opportunity.  We purposefully have kept the fee lower than one might normally charge for market research and have instead retained a royalty on the products sold because we believe in the upside of these ideas.  In exchange, we provide you access to market research for a product that we believe based on research should sell well.

The market research will get you started with keywords, supplier information, and other data points, however, ultimately the process of bringing the product to market will be borne by you. As such, we provide our research “as-is” and it’s up to you to verify the products will work for their intended uses and that they do not infringe on the rights of other parties.  You will control the methods and modes for selling the product, so we limited the liability of the consultant under the agreement.

So long as our agreement is in effect and you comply with its terms and meet minimum sales thresholds, we will not sell the market research ideas to third parties.  However, if you fall below certain sales thresholds or otherwise breach the agreement, then we may take back any exclusivity rights that are granted to you under the agreement.  In order to ensure that you don’t pay the upfront fee and sandbag the idea, we included noncompetition provisions to prevent you from circumventing the agreement.

First Rights Holders will gain access to this page for a 7 day exclusive review period. If they do not move forward, the second rights holders will then have a 7 day review period. If they do not seize this opportunity then this will be made available to the public or other VIP customers.

This item is an exclusive offer. If there is more than one buyer who makes the purchase application each buyer will be time stamped. As the vetting and approval process is completed the first APPROVED buyer will be sent the contract for their signature within 24 hours.

In the event they fail to complete the agreement they will be refunded 100% and the next buyer with the earliest time stamp will start the approval and vetting process and will be sent the contract for their signature with a new 24 digital acceptance time window.

The process will continue until a qualified buyer is identified and digitally signs the DOCUSIGN legal agreement.

Immediate refunds will be made to those who do not get the item. Please understand due to the exclusive nature of each item AND our need to have highly qualified buyers this process is necessary at this time.